Momentum's mission is to partner with people in self advocacy by valuing and respecting each person's talents and dreams.

Employment Services supports this mission by providing quality employment services. We help people find the right job while helping employers find the right employee. 


Employment Services at Momentum Includes: 

  • Career Planning

  • Assessment/Community-Based Situational Assessment

  • Job Seeking Skills Instruction

  • Interviewing Skills Development

  • Job Development

  • Work Support

What is Supported Employment? 

Supported Employment is defined as services that assist an individual with obtaining and maintaining employment using an individualized approach. The goal of supported employment is successful, competitive employment for individuals with disabilities. 

Whether you're a business or a job seeker, we provide a host of valuable services. 

We can help employers by finding the right person for your job and your organization. We partner with businesses to understand their organization and hiring needs, provide quality candidates who are 

looking for lasting opportunities, and then provide support to the new employee and the employer to ensure that job placement goes smoothly. 


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