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Supporting thriving relationships for people of all abilities with education, dialogue, advocacy, and training.

RELATE is committed to educating and supporting people of all abilities in developing a positive understanding of healthy relationships and human sexuality. With Momentum’s support, Katy Park is using her experience and expertise to provide healthy relationship and sexuality workshops for adults with intellectual disabilities and their teams of support. 

The Current Barriers Stacked Against Individuals with Disabilities in Relation to Attaining a Healthy Sexuality: 

In our current culture, sexuality and relationship education usually does not include appropriately adapted information for people with disabilities. However, this population needs access to the same information that their typically developing peers receive. This lack of access to adapted education and increased understanding, results in a tendency to learn about sexuality and relationships through peers or our sex-negative media culture (movies, television, advertising, internet, etc.) which often leaves people frustrated and confused. This frustration may come out sideways, manifesting in what providers and families view as problematic behaviors.

In addition to a lack accessible information, there are many false, pervasive beliefs in relation to sexuality and disability. One being that this population is incapable of having sexual thoughts, feelings, and needs. Another being that this population is not capable or responsible enough to handle sexual feelings appropriately. Because of these long-lived fears and false beliefs, people with disabilities are often not given the information they need to navigate the very real and adult feelings they may develop. 

We Want to Be a Part of the Solution!

RELATE is committed to educating and supporting people in developing a healthy and positive understanding of human sexuality as well as providing tools to foster thriving relationships. 

We are all sexual beings. We all need information and skills, so we can make healthy decisions about sexuality and our overall well-being. Sexuality and healthy relationship development can be a complex subject matter to teach, support, and integrate for children and adults with a wide range of abilities across the developmental spectrum. It is important to find the support needed and to not ignore this very human and universal topic. RELATE is excited to partner with and support people with disabilities and their teams of support through a variety of offerings! 

Please visit MomentumRelate.com for updated offerings including live healthy relationship and sexuality classes, workshops, trainings, consulting, and facilitation services. 


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